Ryan Jennings

Seeking a senior or challenging software engineer role where I can maximize my experience and knowledge.

Work Experience

Cvent - Quickmobile, Mobile Application Developer, Jul 2015 - Present


The company still had a need for extra skills maintaining existing client applications and growing the product


Initially working cross platform on Windows, iOS and Android, existing applications were maintained. As the clients moved to the new platform, I adapted to the iterative development cycle on a single platform. Offered several stabilizing fixes and improvements, for example, making better use of android fragments and external beacon support with notifications.


Legacy platforms successfully sunsetted, new platform quality improved over several support/bug tickets. Better use of fragments on Android platform allowed less resource usage resulting in no memory crashes and an overall improved UX experience with side-transitions. With beacon experiences at conferences, the android platform performed reliably with a good user experience. Played a role in a successful acquisition by Cvent, and participated in learning new technologies like Couchbase and React Native

Android, iOS, Beacons, SQL, BLE, Notifications, JIRA, UX, Agile, SCRUM, Iterative, RxJava, Git, Gradle, VeraCode, Security, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, Scripting, Web Services, REST, Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio, Java, ObjectiveC, JavaScript, Couchbase, React Native

Linux Magic, Linux Engineer Apr 2015 - Jul 2015


The company required extra hands in maintaining existing products and developing future ones


During my short stay I quickly adapt to the different technical working environment using virtual machine sandboxing, time tracking applications and vim. Assisted in a research project in probing the internet to collect data on services. Ported a perl prototype of a next gen distributed product to binary C.


Improved main product stability with progress on two research projects. Successfully met all probation work. Improved some of my work habits like planning, documenting and communicating. Participated in a build-your-own-quake on a raspberry pi tournament.

Perl, C, Linux, PostgreSQL, SMTP, HTML, JS, Vim, GDB, GCC, SCRUM, Virtual Machines

ePACT, Backend Java Engineer and Senior Mobile Developer, Jul 2013 - Apr 2015


The company required extra skills bringing their emergency networking/communication platform to life.


My role on the backend saw me participating in SCRUM and providing features like easier PDF rendering, web security, performance improvements, an extension to the API for mobile and push notifications.

On the mobile side, the initial version on both iOS and Android was developed. Ensured the functionality desired met the UX design in a secure, timely and quality manner. Notable features included dynamic views based on data and backend configuration, a data synchronization component on a hybrid relational indexing/json blob database, and tablet layouts.

Worked closely with quality assurance creating an automated mobile UI testing framework that also expanded to test the web application.


The end result was a better quality and more functional backend. A successful launch of the mobile app in stores for on-site users of organizations using the service. An automated testing framework helped ensure quality for future version of the platforms.

Java, J2EE, Eclipse, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, CSRF, XSS, MySQL, Tomcat, Agile, SCRUM, JIRA, Git, Selenium, Automated Functional Testing, UX, Android, iPhone, Android Studio, Xcode, SQL, JSON, Web Service, REST, PDF, Scripting, Shared Library, Agile, JIRA, Git, Appium, Automated Functional Testing

QuickMobile, Mobile Application Developer, Apr 2011 - Jul 2013


The company needed extra help producing mobile applications for big clients


Ensured that client requirements were met on the platforms specified, bringing value both in quality and speed. Took initiative on several missing parts, working with team members. Worked effectively with project managers and quality assurance.


Many successful projects and happy clients, played a role in the company winning a BCTIA emerging company award. Increased experience working with mobile, web services and a large group of stakeholders

Java, Eclipse, Android SDK, Blackberry SDK, RPC, SQL, UX, QA

Panoramic Software, Software Developer, Nov 2010 - Apr 2011


The company required their windows mobile (palm) applications to be ported to the new windows phone platform.


My role as a software developer was to convert C++ code to C# and XAML on Windows Phone. Converted several apps like: an advanced calculator, social media apps, music applications, and games. I often exceeded expected time lines, which allowed us to do things like use the C# code for the Xamarin framework and target iOS/Android.


The result was several apps in more popular platforms that continue to bring revenue for the company. They enjoyed the quality of my work so much I continued contracting on the side for the company into 2012.

Xamarin, C++, Windows Phone, iPhone, C#, UX, XAML, Silverlight, REST/SOAP, Twitter

Novax Industries Corporation, Software Engineer and Quality Assurance Engineer, Dec 2007 - Nov 2010


The company wanted to expand their traffic controller operations into several pilot projects for public transit traffic signal priority and configurable pedestrian push buttons.


My role in quality assurance helped ensure the consistency of receivers and signal generators on buses by developing a system test plan, test cases, and test beds in a complex embedded network Linux environment.

My role as a software engineer ensured a successful customization of transit priority using GPIO for the city of Chicago. Worked closely with pedestrian push button engineers to develop a configuration application. The application was for windows mobile and communicated over the zigbee protocol.


The end result saw the pilot projects run successfully with different organizations like Translink and Richmond municipality, Chicago transit and others.

C, C++, GPS, Linux, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, Shell Scripting, SQL, GPS, Multithreading, GPIO, Networking, C#, .Net Compact, Windows Mobile, Power Line Communication (PLC), Token Ring, ZigBee


British Columbia Institute of Technology

  • Diploma of Technology in Computer Systems (2019)
    Current knowledge of mobile, security fundamentals and UX along with classical knowledge of algorithms and operating systems
  • Certificate of Technology in Computer Systems
    Knowledge of discreet and applied math, architecture and business communication
  • Associate in Applied Software Development
    Knowledge of software languages and testing
  • Associate in Computer Information Systems
    Knowledge of databases and business concepts

Professional Development

  • Couchbase Certification, Online, 2018
  • Machine Learning Course, Stanford Online, 2012
  • Sun Microsystems Certified Java Programmer, JDK 6, 2009

Other / Hobby

  • Playing guitar/bass and recording songs
  • Cycling and hockey
  • Reading about technology, psychology and enlightenment
  • fortunes and droid fortunes : Slack App, Microservice, and Android app
  • prep a dependency manager (and build tool) for c/c++ projects
  • Micrantha software solutions a registered business for contracting needs

References available upon request.