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RxJava for Android Developers

RxJava for Android Developers

If you were confused about Rx or RxJava, this book does a great job of a practical explanation. Its still in early access as of 12/20/17.

Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah"

An interesting story, the unix fortunes command has quotes from this book so it made its way into some of my heroes.

Cracking the Coding Interview

Cracking the Coding Interview

Found this book to be very useful, good example problems and content just for your own enjoyment of solving if your not interviewing.

The Clean Coder

The Clean Coder

Much good advice in here, if your interested in being more professional.

Tao Te Ting

Tao Te Ching

An ancient chinese text that loosely means "The way" however the nature of "Tao" is that it is unknown and cannot be translated. The Stephen Mitchell translation is recommended for westerners.

The Power of Now

The Power of Now

Everytime I pick up this book, I only have to read a few pages before my reality is changed.


You can check out my starred repositories on github but I'll highlight a few notable mentions here:


Seems to be on everyone's radar a secure decentralized tech for alt-currency tech, its quite amazing what netgineers have done with it. Notably cryptokitties and for music artists Ujo.

Interplanetary File System

Peer-to-peer for the web. No more central servers dictating uptime. More security features. View on github.

Docker and Containerization

While less secure than virtualization, it is good for testing on difference environments and simplifies builds/deployment.

Reactive Extensions

Interesting, often misunderstood tech (its not a javascript web framework). There is some solid match behind it all. The benfits include:

  • reducing the amount of callback code you write and readability
  • a super glue in your MVC, MVVM, MVVP architecture for database/network to views.
  • Thread and stream synchronization. for example delays before parsing user input or sequential network calls

American Fuzzy Lop and Fuzz Testing

The surge of security patches over the last few years to several mainstay open-source projects are due to this project from a google employee.

Phoenix Framework and Elixir/Erlang

This promises to be a modern, ruby-like, easy to use web framework that delivers the supreme scalability and stability of the erlang virtual machine.

Keybase Encryption Provider

A nice little solution for encrypting and managing keys. Looks like some sort encrypted file system coming? Its not quite an end-to-end provider but I feel like it could easily be used for an end-to-end solution

Launch Rocket

A mac preference pane that will scan your homebrew for services that be started/stopped (databases,docker,etc)

Hosts Pref Pane

Another preference pane that allows you to modify your hosts file. I setup localhost versions of my domain names (

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